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A Frankenstein Court

Another example of how the Special Grand Jury is an invented, unaccountable Frankenstein form of government: it would have the power to pass sentence, not judges, and without any of the recourse or accountability presently in place for our judiciary.

Our response:

What is really "another example" is another example of how the No-On-E Club fails to understand the English language! Had the Club read that part of paragraph 16 carefully, they would have found that it says: "Upon conviction, sentencing shall be the province of the special trial jury, and not that of the selected judge. ..." [Emphasis added]. The Special Grand Jury has nothing at all to do with a trial or sentencing. Amendment E specifies in paragraph 16 "The trial jury shall be selected from the same pool of jury candidates as any regular jury." This means, in plain English, that the trial jurors are drawn from the same pool of jurors as for every other trial. Is this too complicated for the Club to comprehend? What are they trying to say here? Do they mean to say, rather, that every trial jury is an "invented, unaccountable Frankenstein form of government"?

Whatever they're saying, be it known that no jury, whether Grand or petit, is a "form of government" of any kind. All juries are the People --not government. Amendment E is returning power to the People where it rightfully belongs. Jurors currently have not only the power to determine guilt or innocence of any defendants, but also may determine whether they live or die in imposing a life or death sentence. So why is the Club saying "without any of the recourse or accountability presently in place for our judiciary"?


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