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Judge Gor's Ruling



The below Menu Bar is precisely as it was prior to the Nov. 7, 06 South Dakota Election


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South Dakota Amendment E


Poll Shows Three-To-One Odds In Favor Of Amendment E


Sept. 19, 2006 Poll Reveals Amendment E Gaining Its Lead Even More


Ron Branson Interviewed On Live Television


Ron Branson on CNN


Confronting Head-On The "No-On-E" Club

Mickey drawn by Cristian


Fan Mail From The No-On-E Club


Parable of the Left-Hand Turn


Inherent Truth of Amendment E


Thomas Jefferson Would Have Been Proud To Author Amendment E


Various & Sundry News Articles


Understanding The Term "Judge"


U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor Attacks J.A.I.L.


Judicial Independence Under Fire By Legislators


Voting Blindly On Judges


Judicial Immunity  by Attorney Gary Zerman


On "Suing School Board President" by Bill Stegmeier


Brandenburg's "Justice At Stake" Exposed


Attorney Gary Zerman Exposes Bert Brandenburg


Collecting Signatures From Enthusiastic Voters




Official South Dakota Judicial Report Shows System Lacking


More Info. On on South Dakota Amendment E