Various & Sundry News Articles

Published articles in newspapers are being produced so rapidly (nearly daily) condemning the South Dakota judicial accountability Amendment E that it is almost impossible to comment upon each and every one of them. However, not all of them are radio-active, as some seem to make an attempt to be fair in reporting both sides of the issue. Even at that, they tend to confuse the issue between "willful violations of law," (Amendment E), and "judicial decisions," (argued by the opposition).  They clearly are not the same. Amendment E addresses only the former, and not the latter.

Under Amendment E judges may make bad decisions, wrong decision, and even violative decisions, but they just cannot willfully violate the laws that are brought to their attention as violating.

Below are a few of the published articles that are currently re-published here without comment. But who knows, we just might find enough time to address their contortions and falsehoods. After all, that is what we are very proficient at, and love doing just as a lion loves pulling a deer apart.

We have yet to find an argument proffered by the opposition that was not  simple to expose. In fact, we know they are extremely amazed at how ingeniously written Amendment E is, but we certainly don't expect them to honestly acknowledge that. All they have is wind and massive amounts of $$$ with which to blow it. Just as George Orwell stated, "Political language...is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind."  

From these articles, the image you may see is the rear-end of judges running the other way with their pants around their ankles and bare butts a shinin'!

- Ron Branson


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